is the best meeting booking tool for one-on-one paid or free meetings, and it is a perfect tool to have for freelancers, educators, and others.

About us

We are a young team led by our founder, Pankaj Agarwal, an internet entrepreneur of over 15 years. Based in Noida, India, we are a team of 50 tech and sales experts whose focus is building cutting edge SaaS products for the ever changing business needs of the world. With the world being forced into the pandemic and a remote work culture, we found an opportunity in making seamless remote F2F communication a reality. By using our own experience of working in a remote workplace environment, we built this solution for ourselves and for others.

Our Amazing Team


Pankaj Agarwal, CEO
A true Entrepreneur with an acute acumen for new startups. Avid listener of Old Songs. Traveler by nature. Love to explore new territories.
Sajal Agarwal

Sajal Agarwal, Products
An entrepreneur at heart and a definite problem solver. Once an armed forces aspirant now helps innovative businesses realize there goals. Held strategic roles previously and consulted for few startups.

MV Krishnan, Strategy
An active angel investor with over 17 years of experience across banking, asset management and client origination

Directly is now live.

Mission and vision

We are a team of passionate people working together to build the future of one to one video communication. At our vision is “To Power the future of video communication”

At, we are constantly learning, implementing and improvising to get better by the day. Our mission is to build the future of seamless communication by helping businesses offer a logistics free and better focused customer experience via video communication.
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