Hello guys!
I am Sajal and I feel excited to launch our product - ! is a tool that makes it super easy for you to have 1:1 video meetings, manage your calendar, and collect payments whenever you have a paid consultation call with your clients.

It takes 2 minutes to set up your profile on and start sharing your knowledge, experience, skills, or expertise and advise people on 1:1 video meetings. You can set your own rates as compensation for your time or you can also offer help for free of cost.

It takes care of your calendar availability, payments, and video call all in one place without having to do any other integration. Your ‘directly URL’ is all you need to share and people can book a 1:1 call with you in 30 seconds.

Why should I have a URL?
Your ‘ URL’ will eliminate all the hassles of to-and-fro emails for booking an appointment, taking payments, and managing separate video call subscriptions.

It works like a charm by acting as a contact card too or using it as your call booking page. You can even use it to lure your potential customers or warm leads.

You can share it in your Twitter bio, LinkedIn, Facebook, YoutTube, or anywhere and let people book a time with you for any questions, getting advice, or a general virtual discussion.


Curious about our video widget, It's the real game-changer.

With this deal, you get a video widget through which you can allow your website visitors to book a video call with you from the website itself but when you choose to upgrade and customize, there are many ways our widget helps to get more revenue, improve customer experience and collect more leads and increase sales.

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